Pattern & Signs in Bangkok

Exhibition at Jamjuree Art Gallery – Chulalongkorn University,
Jamjuree 8th Building, Phayatai Road, Bangkok, Thailand
January 25 until February 6, 2011

View into the exhibition

After three days of preparations, the exhibition “Pattern & Signs” at Jamjuree Art Gallery, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, was opened on January 25, 2011, at 6 pm. 

View into the exhibition

The openig was a great evening with many interesting guests. The Vice President of Chulalongkorn University, Prof. Dr. Sittichai Tudsri, and the German Ambassador to Thailand, Dr. Hanns Schumacher, presided over the opening ceremony. In the name of all artists, the project initiator Doris Hinzen-Röhrig thanked all partners for their support for the project. The buffet and the exhibition was opened in a welcoming Thai style ceremony. Dr. Hanns Schumacher and Prof. Dr. Sittichai Tudsri were guided through the exhibition and raised many interesting questions. The exhibition was attended by around 400 visitors within two weeks.

View into the exhibition

Pattern & Signs convey historical, cultural as well as social structures. To be aware of and reflect their correlation is a fundamental prerequisite for the liveliness and quality of human coexistence. The exhibition project “Pattern & Signs” deals with this task. It derives from a cross-generational network of artists coming from Thailand, China, India, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany. The artists live and work between the continents; they act “in transit”. In their works they question their state of being “in between” and reflect on an intercultural dialogue and its aesthetic means of expression against the background of their own cultural roots. The opening of “Pattern & Signs” marks the first part of this project.

In front - Li Lisha: Patterns of Everyday Life - Objects

Right - Katharina Koch: We are Girls, but... - Women artists in Romania between everyday life and visions - Video. Left - Varsha Nair: Performance, Drawings + Installation

Surachai Ekphalakorn: Brush Rhythm - Print Media

Christine Falk: Houses - Paintings

Joanne Richardson: In Transit - Video

Ute Lehnert: Moments - Installation of Paintings

Alfred Banze, Germany: Crossing the Line, Media Installation

Christine Falk, Germany: Pattern & Signs, Photos

KOTKI Visuals, Dilmana Iordanova + Mihaela Kavdanska, Bulgaria/Romania: Cross Reality, Video Installation

Jerome Ming, GB/Cameroon + Varsha Nair, India/Thailand: No title, Installation

Petra Jung, Germany: What We Carry With Us, Objects + Drawings

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