4 Workshops in Bangkok

Four workshops with students of Surachai Ekpalakorn, partizipating artist of the exhibition, on 26 January 2011.

Workshop with Doris Hinzen-Röhrig

Doris Hinzen-Röhrig“Circle, Triangle, Square”
Cartoon-like collective drawings using the 3 basic forms.

Workshop with Christine Falk

Christine Falk“Patterns + Characters in Outside Space”
The visualization of structures outside with chalk drawings.

Workshop with Alfred Banze

Alfred Banze: “Sampling MBK”
Collecting audiovisual loops on the theme of the the individum in public space, inside the MBK Shopping Center.

Workshop with Petra Jung

Petra Jung“Fairy Tales, Legends, Superstition”
Talks about some phenomen in childhood and every days life, and how we deal with them.

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